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NO girlfriends.
NO fiancées.
NO ONE under 18.

2. DO NOT click "join this community" to seek membership. You MUST send an email to
Put your LJ username as the subject of the email
and complete the survey that is sent to you.

3. Snarking is perfectly acceptable and highly encouraged. If you are snarking a post from another another community, please include a link to the post link to the post and make your entry here friends only.

4. No whining. There is a list of communities below that you can bitch and moan in.

5. If a question can be answered on a military website, don't ask it here. However, since the IQ around here is abnormally high for military wives' communities, I don't anticipate a problem with this. If you are stumped or looking for a second opinion feel free to post away.

6. Long entries, photos and such should be placed behind a cut. Some people don't want to see how cute your husband is or have their f~list jammed with snark.

7. Don't violate OPSEC. I could link to a dozen websites to explain this but why? If you are that effing stupid just don't join. 'Nuff said.

8. This is a BULL SHIT FREE ZONE. Any unnecesary drama will lead to you being flamed by some adder-tongued females until you cry. You have been warned.

9. There is a time and place for everything. The place for bitchiness is HERE, not in other communities or on the original threads. After all, if you can't say something nice, come sit by me.

Feel free to snatch the community icon.

Some communities only allow members to see posts. Join in for 95% goodness there and bring your pissiness about the other 5% here.


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