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15 September 2008 @ 06:15 am
My husband is in a NON-DEPLOYING unit as an AIT instructor. Please explain to me why the unit has decided to have "mandatory" FRG meetings at 5:30 for crazy things like Halloween parties. When I say "mandatory" you know what I mean; the soldier or spouse must attend, but if the spouse attends there are incentives like not working on Saturday.
Am I a bitch for standing up and saying that 5:30 sucks as a meeting time? I work full-time in the IT department for a bank. My son's childcare is across town. I have to leave work early, battle traffic to the other side of town, grab a Happy Meal for the kiddo and then fight my way to the BFE side of Fort Sill to make it on time. It is inconvenient and takes up time that I would much rather be doing... well... anything.
I swear, this is all because the new Sergeant Major's wife has no friends. She even said as much at the meeting! UGHHHHHHHHH. My husband leaves home at 4 AM and is lucky to get home by 6 PM. He works a majority of weekends and does a week-long field problem once a month. I work 40+ hours a week. I want to spend free time with my family, not with a bunch of bored wives planning social functions.
I could understand this a bit more if our husbands deployed, but HELLO- they are TRADOC. WE = SUPER-SHAM. Why can't some of these women get a life that isn't tied up in their husband's identity?????
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11 October 2007 @ 12:15 pm
I have to ask...is she fucking joking???? I WAS TRYING TO BE HELPFUL!!!!! Fucking moron!

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30 June 2007 @ 01:49 pm

Is she friggen kidding? Are we really supposed to understand that she's a barrack's bunny and is heart broken over her bf's RECRUITER?????

*ready, set, smack*
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21 February 2007 @ 03:55 pm
Ok....apparently there are some little chicken head girls that think they're boyfriends are untouchable because they're cops. Apparently same said chicken heads believe THEY can do whatever they want because of cop boyfriends. Well....ONE little chicken hoe was quickly put in her place when I went to get my nails done the other day.

This dumb big nosed, Fran Drescher hair typed bitch was just rude as hell, hitting on one of the MARRIED nail techs and thought she was all that. FIRST of all, I had an appointment with the girl that ALWAYS does my nails, she didn't even have an appointment and would NOT let me go ahead of her because she walked through the door first. Well, the woman that does my nails said, "She has an appointment and a baby, so I'm going to do her nails first." Bitches response was, "That's NOT my problem, but my boyfriend is a cop and will NOT be happy if he has to wait for me." The woman who does my nails asked if it would be ok to just get the bitch out of there. I said that was fine. Well, the guy that did my nails needed me to sit in a different seat to get the gel on my nails and the same fucking hoe took the chair right before I went to sit down. Then turned around and was real snotty and said, "Oops...sorry." Well her friend said, "You're not sorry...you liar." She said, "Oh I know...but you know...I have to make it sound like I mean it and try to make it look like I'm being nice for appearance sake" ROFLMAO. Who the hell does she think she is, Queen Elizabeth???? Anyway...I finished getting my nails done and the girl who normally does my nails was telling me how sorry she was and how much she hated that girl, so I kept overhearing her talking about her "cop" boyfriend. Now...I have NOTHING against cops and know quite a few of them myself, however, she just pissed me off. SO...me being my "sweet" self, bluntly decided to point out:

Me: "It's funny...I was talking to my friend the other day who has been dating a cop for years and her husband's partner just started dating this chicken head, hoe, that thinks she can get away with whatever she wants just because her boyfriend is a cop. It's not like he put a ring on her finger and it's not like she's actually his wife or anything. I mean hell...the only reason he's a cop to begin with was because he got the piss kicked out of him in high school and thinks he can be a tough ass now and it's funny that she's dating him. It's just sad that he's not a REAL man and doesn't do something important in his life...like join the military! The funniest part was when my daughter had show & tell at school and told the boy flirting with her all the time that her Daddy's in the military and the government MAKES him carry a loaded weapon all the time.

Nail Tech: "Well your husband is a great father and a very good soldier, he's always having good things happen for his career and it's great that he was man enough to make it as a soldier"

(said chicken head's boyfriend tried 12 times to join the military and kept getting rejected.)

Me: Well, I'm proud of him. I could live with the deployments and the paychecks and benefits and being able to afford almost anything I want and be able to stay home with the kids. What I wouldn't be able to deal with would be knowing that I'm married to someone that couldn't hack it and had to end up being a rentacop instead!

Chickie got REALLY pissed off and tried to get in my face.

It was hysterical. Just had to share.

PS...I was wearing my Army jacket at the time and my husband had come in to check on me....IN UNIFORM! LOL
24 December 2006 @ 07:04 pm
I am highly ticked at the NORAD Santa Tracker. They have no star for Santa's travels in Iraq or Kuwait. This means that any kid with a deployed mom or dad who wants to see if Santa visited the soldiers is going to see that he didn't. However, he did stop in Afganistan.
31 July 2006 @ 10:27 am

No wonder why ljusersecrets has sooooooooo many submissions about her!
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22 July 2008 @ 01:03 pm
Sorry members but I have to make an entry here to stop the moronic in-box flooders and the people commenting in my personal LJ. While I'm annoying you with this entry let me plead for one of you to be a Mod. PUH-LEEEEEEEEASE.
And now, for the prospective members-

If you want to join you will just have to wait a bit. I'm at the tail end of a 1400 mile move; I'm too busy to care if you want to join right now. Please don't send a dozen membership requests. If I don't care about one, why would you think I would care about twelve? If you comment in my personal journal you will be shot... or rejected. It depends on how close you are to Oklahoma.

Give me another week or two or the chance to get another mod here and then I promise I'll email you all the surveys, OK?
11 June 2006 @ 08:48 am
This is one of the latest PostSecrets.
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